Homemade Stain Remover

While working on our 100-year-old house, we often find bizarro pieces of metal buried underground or hidden in the crawlspace. Instead of throwing them away, we toss them in a 5-gallon bucket kept in the pantry. When it’s full, we haul it to the scrap metal dealer. Metal stays out of the landfill, and we get anywhere from 5-30 shiny dollars for our trouble.

Toting the bucket to the car Tuesday night, I managed to get a giant rust stain on my favorite T-shirt. Soap and water did nothing, so I tried a concoction I had only previously used on rust-stained porcelain:

  1. Saturate stain with lemon juice.
  2. Cover with salt.
  3. Wait.
After 24-hours, the stain was 80% gone, so I reapplied the magic mixture last night. By morning, my favorite shirt was prêt-à-porter again.
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