Homemade Pop Tarts

Despite the fact that he’s an excellent cook and a connoisseur of fine local food, hubby has an inexplicable love of Pop Tarts. And being the supportive, nurturing wife that I am, I refuse to buy them.

(Maybe if they didn’t taste like cardboard with stale icing…)

To give Brad a treat, I’ve been searching for a recipe that would offer a good homemade substitute. After a couple of tries, this morning’s attempt was a winner. Be sure to follow her advice about using an egg wash as the glue between the two pieces of dough. I didn’t add corn starch to the jam, but only because today’s filling was a rather dense orange marmalade. The next batch with strawberry jam will need a thickening agent though, because the biggest failure of previous tarts was that the crust absorbed most of the fruity goodness.

If you have access to fresh whole wheat flour, by all means, use it. The result is a rich, buttery breakfast pie. But be warned, this recipe might just turn your family into pie-obsessed cretins.

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