High and dry

Sun-dried tomatoes

Sun-dried tomatoes are my new favorite thing. The tomato seedlings got a late start, thanks to that wonderful but ill-timed trip to the Grand Canyon, but the Principe Borgheses are finally producing beautiful fruit that’s perfect for drying. Simply pick, slice in half, then drop in The Dehydrinator for about four days (and hope that Seamus the Wonder Dog resists his overwhelming urge to lick the bottom mesh.)

Now, the dilemma is how to store them. Reports are mixed when it comes to placing them in an oil-filled jar, which was my first inclination. Some say spoilage is a major concern if you’re not planning to eat them right away.

Not about to take any chances, I’m sticking with the tried and true freezing method recommended by a reliable food preservation site.  It’s easy enough to thaw a few for olive oil infusion whenever we get a wild hair.

We’ll report back on their taste and texture after we do a little experimentation with the rehydration process — in the name of science, of course.

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