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Fed up with an ugly strip of eroding land in our back yard, last summer I gathered every rock on the property and created a raised bed in a two-hour gardening frenzy. That ground next to the carport — once an embarrassing eyesore — now brings a smile to my face each time I come home.

The native annuals that were originally planted have begun dying off, so it’s time to call up the replacements. Into the bed this weekend went a host of herbs and flowers I’ve been growing from seed or cuttings, including:


Rosemary (Can’t take credit for growing this baby. It was purchased at a nursery after the city mowed down yet another one of my front yard plants. Not that I’m bitter.)
Basil and spearmint
As for last week’s pickled beet recipe? It was delicious, so another ten pounds went in the canner. Sounds like a crazy-go-nuts amount, but that only produced five pints — bringing our grand total to eight. Not a lot, but it’ll be a nice treat once a month next winter and spring.
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