Happy (wild) turkey day

wild turkey
wild turkey

My buddy Jeff talks about how he used to host an “orphans” Thanksgiving dinner for all his coworkers who couldn’t make it to their faraway families for our nation’s most gluttonous¬†glorious, food-filled day. He’d make the real turkey. Guests brought the Wild Turkey.

And so it’s in the spirit of spirits that The Dew Abides wishes you all a wonderful holiday today. May you spend it with people you love, consuming good food and drink.

In a clearly related note, about a week ago, this book arrived on the doorstep for our perusal and potential review:

guide to moonshining

If they didn’t have me at the title, they definitely had me with “How to Make and Drink Whiskey.” Actually, they probably had me at just “How to Make.”

It looks like a delightful little treatise. My brother spied it while he was here for an early visit last weekend, and I had to keep an eye on him so as he wouldn’t “accidentally” pack the book before leaving.¬†A full review will follow soon. The section on distilling your own starts, “So, you want to break the law…” Nice to see they don’t mince words.

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