‘Grapes of Wrath’ book club podcast finale

To cap our “Grapes of Wrath” discussion, we went to Iron Bank Coffee for a live chat with our friend Aimee, who took this miserable journey with us. I’ve turned the event into this: “The Super Duper ‘Grapes of Wrath’ Finale Spectacular.” I’ve culled it down to about 10 minutes (which includes some nifty music from Bruce Springsteen, Dave Sharp (of The Alarm) and Daniel Amos.

Topics include:

  • “Grapes of Wrath” vs. Zombie Apocalypse
  • Why Is Little Ruthie Such a B?
  • Agribusiness: Foe or Foe?
There’s a bit of coffee-cup clinking in the background. Sorry about that. It gets better a couple of minutes in. Next time, we’ll tape this sort of thing in The Dew Abides studios.


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