Going medieval on pests

tomato horn worm pest control

Just found our first horn worms of the year, chowing on our tomato plants. In October.

This is the benefit of planting the tomatoes late, I suppose, and also of using Topsy Turvy planters for the first time. The durn critters didn’t have a way of getting to the plants until the branches hit the ground. And by then the tomatoes are mature enough to withstand a little stress.

Of course the downside of planting them late is we were denied home-growns for several painful weeks. Pick your poison I suppose. (It’s just a saying, Jenn. And if I were picking poison, it would be bio-degradable and safe for the water table, I swear.)

Actually, my favorite way to deal with horn worms is completely organic. It’s three easy steps:

  1. I pluck them off the plant carefully.
  2. I chuck them into the middle of the street.
  3. I watch the bluejays and mocking birds come in for them.

The birds are there, without fail, in 10 minutes. It’s kind of awesome, and I swear I’m not normally a sadistic sort.

But threaten my tomatoes, and this is what happens.

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