Garlic update: month two

So far, so good. The result of completely ignoring our containerized garlic on the deck? Thirty-one out of 32 bulbs have sprouted and look healthy.┬áSince their planting in November, they’ve endured insane winter temperature fluctuations, from the 20s to the 70s. Not to mention long periods of drought followed by sudden one or two inch rain events. No matter what nature throws at it, this silver rose silverskin variety keeps on going.

Last week brought more than two inches of rain in only two days, and I feared the soilless potting mixture would hold far too much water, but the only casualty seems to be the one yellow leaf you see in the forefront of this photo. Well played, garlic.

I’ll update you guys as temperatures rise and rainfall plummets. If this pattern continues, ye olde garlic will get high marks in the Recommended Container Plants for Rebel Urban Farmers┬ácategory.

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