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Time for a quick garden update. The Jerusalem artichokes are leafing out nicely, despite getting almost no water in between rainfalls. Their drought-tolerance is consistantly praised, and now I’m a believer. Quite sure the shredded leaf mulch is helping with the ground moisture.

Our tomatoes are responding beautifully in the topsy-turvy containers. The seedlings experienced no transplant shock, despite being moved in 100° heat, and they’re quickly growing outward and upward. I feared it would be impossible to keep the soil adequately moist, but — so far — once-a-day watering has been more than enough.
As for Spudnik, the potatoes are growing wildly out of the container and might attempt planetary invasion (or at least yard invasion) at any moment. It hasn’t even been two weeks since the last batch of soil-less mixture was added, and already the can needs more.

It’s still early in the season, but we’re hopeful for a productive summer. How does your garden grow, interwebs? If you have pictures, post them on our Facebook page — we’d love to see what’s growing in your part of the world.

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