Frac’tured fairy tales

I allow myself two guilty-pleasure magazines — Esquire and Wired, which both have some fine writing. Surprisingly, the one about technology does a better job, in my view, of covering human stories. But the other one does have more pictures of women in lingerie. So there’s that.

‘American Gasland’

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(In Esquire’s defense, its soup-to-nuts coverage of terrorism from 9/11 through the ongoing military initiatives has been top-notch.)

Anyway, the end of the year is a busy time at work. And of course there’s the holidays. So I tend to get a little behind in the magazines. I just got around to reading the long feature in January’s Esquire on fracking — the process of drilling for natural gas by breaking through deep, subterranean shale to release the fuel.

The article feels without bias, but it admittedly spends more time humanizing the industry folks, in the way that I hear that Matt Damon movie did (which I still need to track down and watch). Yet it pulls no punches as it describes the noxious liquid poison that’s sucked out of the ground along with the gas, before it’s piped “safely” back from whence it came.

It’s a good piece that doesn’t provide answers, but reminds us that it’s our need for energy that causes this one group of people to fight this other group. Which, to me, is an important reminder of why reducing consumption of the stuff is important.

It’s a good read.

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