Food stamp diet: Day 6

Yesterday was the worst,  by far. An almost continuous five-day headache reached a skull-thumping crescendo by lunchtime. That, coupled with the total inability to regulate my blood sugar, made for the delightful feeling of my internal organs spinning in a food processor.

Somehow managed to complete all necessary tasks at work, but only by using twice the energy to ignore the discomfort. And I had to fight the uncontrollable urge to scream and/or bash my head in the desk. Those of you who are regular blog readers know that I’m not really a screamy, head-bashy kind of person.

Hunger changes you.

Instead of tackling errands after work, the evening’s activities included cooking dinner, collapsing on the bed in tears, and falling asleep by 9:30 with the help of a Tylenol and three aspirin.

Makes me wonder how anyone can get an education or remain functional at their job when hunger clouds every thought.

Have to admit, a few of the changes have been welcome, and I hope their effect sticks around long after the experiment ends.

  • I’ve heard the term mindful eating thrown around for a while. But, man, did the concept hit home this week. I practically thanked each black-eyed pea at lunch yesterday.
  • Speaking of those black-eyed peas, there was a time I would have turned up my nose at four helpings of the same meal in one week. No longer. Pickiness is a first-world problem of the highest order.
  • Little luxuries go a long way for maintaining sanity. I absolutely love the ritual of making a cup of coffee in the morning, especially with cooler weather in the forecast, but there was no buying it on a SNAP budget. So I was giddy when I remembered a few slices of fresh ginger steeped in water make an excellent hot tea. Problem solved for pennies.

One more day to go…

Today’s menu:

Grits and an egg for breakfast
Leftover sweet potato, broccoli, peas & carrots for lunch
Canned spaghetti sauce over pasta for dinner

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