Food stamp diet: Day 5

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So let’s talk about some of the other stuff.

Let’s talk about going out with your friends to a Tuesday night movie and not being able to buy the small popcorn or the small soda, like they do, because those things are too spendy (even when they’re on special for $1.50 each).

Let’s talk about co-workers leaving pictures of melty cheeseburgers on your desk and taunting you with a text offering you a candy bar.

Let’s talk about going to a lunch meeting and not buying the lunch. About, instead, sipping water and hoping others don’t hear your stomach growling. About the anxiety of waiting for the meeting to end, so you can get back to the office and heat up the leftovers.

Let’s talk about meeting pals at the coffeehouse to talk business and hoping the staff doesn’t notice that you’re not buying a coffee or a sandwich. And about not having the guts to ask for a cup of water.

Let’s talk about not accepting dinner invitations, because you can’t afford to reciprocate.

Let’s talk about feeling sorry for yourself. About avoiding company.

Let’s talk about the struggle to concentrate on anything but the clock, which tells you when you can quell the stomach’s grumbling for a little while longer.

food stamp diet snap challenge hungry world

Let’s talk about not getting anything done outside of work, to conserve energy.

Let’s talk about getting tired of foods you used to love. About eating 7 eggs in a week’s span.

Let’s talk about hoping your wife doesn’t need the little bit of leftover cheese for a snack so that maybe we can make grits with cheese in them on Friday.

Let’s talk about how easy this has all been for us, because we know it ends on Saturday.

Let’s talk about how many people don’t see an end to their struggle.

Let’s talk about hunger.

Today’s menu*: 

  • Grits and an egg for brekkies
  • Leftover hoppin’ john for lunch
  • Roasted sweet potato chunks with broccoli, peas and carrots for dinner

*Or, as my Paleo Diet friends would say, “empty calories.” But at least we’ve successfully avoided boxed macaroni and cheese and the ramen noodle bags with their toxic levels of sodium.

We’ll see ya tomorrow.

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