‘Farmageddon’ review

2011; NR; 86 minutes 
(available on Netflix streaming)

  • What was it about?: Hmm. Well herein lies the first problem. If I were to force a theme on it, I would say it’s about government over-regulation of small farms. At times it elevates that to the level of conspiracy theory. At times some of the people are arguing for more regulation. It was a hot mess.
  • buggy2Did it suck?: Sorry, filmmakers, but yes.  On a scale of Dust Bowl to Hanging Gardens of Babylon, “Farmageddon” ranks as a low-middle. Like a tomato plant eaten up by horn worms.
  • Why?: After a McGuffin — a quasi reenactment of a government raid of a sheep’s milk farm — the movie begins with a bit of painfully read narration by filmmaker Kristin Canty, whose voice and pacing is, god help her, terrible. But as much as I was glad she soon stopped speaking, the film desperately needed narration, if for no other reason than to guide her in the editing room. It honestly felt like she turned the camera on people, let it roll, then took like 29 hours of footage and assembled it into this 90-minute piece. People would contradict each other’s views, and not to dramatic effect. Try as I might, I could not buy into the government collusion angle, and I’m as conspiracy minded as anyone not named Mel Gibson. It desperately needed a “counter” voice. (Jenn tells me they tried to interview government officials without success. I’d already quit watching. By which I mean, I fell asleep.)
  • This movie made me want to…: …go play this instead.
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