Extreme fruit orchard makeover

Behold, the future fruit orchard! OK, maybe she’s not much to look at yet, but just wait until autumn. We bought this quarter-acre lot in November at an auction of unbuildable Habitat for Humanity properties and have grand plans for growing beautiful trees in an area of urban blight.

Orchard+Jan+2013+BEFOREThe major concern on the property (other than the dead car on the edge of the photo that hasn’t moved an inch in the two months we’ve owned the land) is the sewer main you see about halfway back.

A month ago, I called 811, the state call-before-you-dig number. Every utility responded except for the water folks, and I think they were just puzzled by the empty lot and left it unmarked. So I contacted Columbus Water Works directly — who were quite happy that we were taking measures to avoid planting tree roots near a sewer — and they’re going to pop out to mark the full line for us. Then we can commission a survey and build our fence.

Stay tuned this week for more details on the orchard. I’ll update you guys on cover crops, fruit selection, and landscape design.

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