Dirty Laundry

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Never underestimate the restorative power of freshly cleaned sheets at the end of a long day. Especially when those sheets have been dried in the sun.

For years, we dreamed of installing a clothesline for that very purpose, but every potential sunny spot would have taken away from our already-tiny garden space.

Recently, though, friends Pat and Cher inspired us with their heavy-duty retractable line that works well in the yard or on a camping trip, and hubby pulled one out last week as a surprise gift.

(Brad confessed it had been intended for my birthday, but he gave it early, fearing a poke in the eyeball if I opened something so practical. He must not remember my unbridled joy after receiving a space heater for Valentine’s Day, during a particularly frigid February.)

The line zips between two hooks on the back corners of the house and shed, allowing us to save energy as our linens dry in the free and plentiful Georgia heat. And because the line rolls up when not in use, it’s a great way to utilize that western exposure without permanently blocking our narrow, zeroscaped path.

Drifting off to sleep under sun-kissed sheets was a luxury I didn’t realize how deeply I missed.

The clothesline wasn’t the only simple living surprise he had in store. A new door-mounted drying rack promised to replace its freestanding cousin that only excelled at trapping dog hair and pinching fingers.

Since the rack can’t hold more than seven full-sized items, I now take a few minutes several times a week to run small loads, instead of letting it all pile up for one horrible day of laundry.

Folding seven dry things is quick work too, so that task just became a whole lot easier — be gone, taunting basket full of wrinkled clothes. Who knew limitations could be so liberating?

Sometimes less really is more.

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