‘Dead’ write

Today we present a special audio edition of The Dew Abides, where we interview author J. Aaron Sanders, a novelist and associate professor of English at Columbus State University. Sanders’ “Speakers of the Dead,” out March 1, is a novel featuring poet Walt Whitman as a young man, trying to solve a murder in 1843. Sanders concocts a fantastic set of events that might have transformed Whitman from a promising writer to the man who delivered his formative work, “Leaves of Grass.”

And what does that have to do with the Dew’s mantra of simple living and DIY lifestyle? Well, listen and find out.

Sanders has a website with his own great blog. And be sure to check out his book signings and readings, including one March 8 here for you Columbusites.

SotD still life-800An aside: I find it ironic that the two times we’ve tried podcasts on The Dew, they’ve both been about books — the format most suited to the written word. But we’ve always been sorta square-peg, round-hole types. So, yeah. (The other was a book discussion of Steinbeck’s “Grapes of Wrath” recorded in a very noisy coffee shop. We love you, Iron Bank.)

Special thanks to Italian indie stoner-rockers Sakee Sed for their 2010 record, “Alle Basi Della Roncola,” which we used for music in the podcast. The song is “Risvegiati Dolcemente,” which I think translates to “Awakened Gently.”


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