Crop mob, part deux


It’s funny. Your attitude about food changes when it’s grown by people you care about. For one thing, you don’t waste it. Ever. Even when it looks like it might possibly be from Mars.

Brad:  Are you putting that kohlrabi in the composter? Do you know how hard Chris and Jenny worked to grow it?

Me:  sigh

So instead of tossing out the unfamiliar, you give something new a chance, digging around until you find a recipe that makes your face melt. It’s the best part of subscribing to a CSA.

Well, maybe the second best.

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, and the community those two have nourished goes way beyond just the food. So when a call went out last January for volunteers to pull weeds that were taking over their garlic beds, it was no surprise to see a small army show up at the farm.

Fast forward six months. When we picked up our veggies this weekend, there was a little something extra that made our day — a bunch of garlic bulbs tied up with a beautiful note of thanks.

Each time I use it, I’ll be reminded of a crisp winter’s day spent with friends, the warmth of coming in from the field to a home-cooked dinner, and good conversation around the fire.

Seems to me, it’s becoming an Agriculture Supported Community. Lucky for us.

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