Cracked in the Head

Leaving our cute-as-pie farmers‘ house after a brilliant pre-Christmas dinner, Jenny surprised us with a jar of pork cracklins. These magic tidbits are all that remain after the lard rendering process, and anyone who’s ever done it knows how few and precious those suckers are. Into the fridge they went, waiting for just the right recipe.

Fast forward to February.

All this unusual, sub-freezing weather has triggered a latent Russian gene, causing me to jones uncontrollably for things like beets, turnips, and cabbage.

No, seriously. Cabbage.

A few weeks ago, I discovered this recipe for rice and smothered cabbage soup and have been craving it like mad ever since.

Then the thought occurred, why not top the warm, hearty soup with savory, roasted cracklins?

(Insert “Hallelujah” chorus here.)

The mix of textures and flavors cranked the soup up to an eleven. If you don’t have the odd cracklin lying about, crumble a bit of crispy bacon on top for a similar experience. You won’t be sorry.

Thanks for sharing, Chris and Jenny.

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