Color Me Shedd

Had several people ask to see finished pictures of the world’s greatest wee shed, which I built over the winter. I’d been hesitant to post anything for one very good reason: It was ugly.

See, the weather’s been too cold to paint it. So we spent the last couple of months looking at the stained and distorted colors of the Hardiplank that had been sitting idle in a pile in our yard for about 7 years. Much like the little mill houses we’ve salvaged, though, we’ve always been able to see the potential of such things.

Luckily, the last two weekends have been nice enough to slap some paint on, so I can now share what’s more or less an “after” photo:

Still to come: A snazzy splash of color for the door, and some porch and floor paint for the landscape timber that’s serving as a footer. Oh, and I need to paint the other three walls.

Speaking of paint, we were bitterly disappointed to learn that our local edition of The Home Depot has stopped carrying the Kilz primer with low levels of volatile organic compounds. Low VOC is important for a number of reasons, which have been tackled by smarter people. I’ll just say that VOCs are thought to cause cancer and smog.

Lowes didn’t carry it either, but we did find a low-VOC exterior primer there by Valspar. It didn’t brag about it and junk, but the helpful hardware man knew about it and pointed us to it. It’s on the label, but in the small print.

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