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The lonely vacuum of space — courtesy of Flickr/JD Hancock
The lonely vacuum of space — courtesy of Flickr/JD Hancock

A few weeks ago, my favorite urban farm porn, Root Simple, posted a link to Apartment Therapy’s guide to sane housekeeping. The theory is straightforward enough — work for 20 minutes a day instead of ruining the weekend with an all-day cleaning spree.

That’s common sense, but it’s easy to be blinded by the scale of a project instead of seeing the manageable steps that get it done.

The beauty of AT’s post is they provide a calendar that lists one small task to tackle each day for 30 days. Tired of running ragged, continually playing catch-up on the wee homestead, we printed that sucker out, tacked it up on the fridge, and gave it a go.

After only a month, it has made our lives infinitely better. The house no longer overwhelms me, and I can enjoy chatting with drop-in guests without fear of a Seamus-hair tumbleweed blowing by.

Give it a try, and I guarantee this will soon be your new modus operandi.

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