tomato horn worm pest control

Going medieval on pests


Just found our first horn worms of the year, chowing on our tomato plants. In October. This is the benefit of planting the tomatoes…

Indian sunflower and ants

Falling for spring


Something about yesterday’s soggy, sunny-but-cool day felt like spring to me. And sure enough, when I started tromping through the side yard with a…

Sun-dried tomatoes

High and dry


Sun-dried tomatoes are my new favorite thing. The tomato seedlings got a late start, thanks to that wonderful but ill-timed trip to the Grand…



Too much rain + partly shady garden site = sad garlic. Not a total failure, but definitely not the harvest we were hoping for….

Your moment of zen


What better way to enjoy Hump Day than with a wee stroll through the veg? Our garden got a late start this spring, thanks…

How sweet it is


Last month at Pasaquan, we picked up some wayward bamboo shoots that were taking over one of the outbuildings. After drying the culms for…

Carrot merit


Loving this heat-tolerant variety of Danvers 126 from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange. These babies went into a batch of primavera along with garlic from our garden…

Herb-an farming


Fed up with an ugly strip of eroding land in our back yard, last summer I gathered every rock on the property and created…