The story in the soil


Life for most folks during the past six weeks or so of COVID-19 quarantine probably feels like it’s going in slo-mo. Many are reading…

The Good Earth


At times the soil seemed bountiful and kindly and again stubborn and unfriendly, but it was always a challenge to man’s cunning. — Charles…

not much of a security fence

Good Fences


It’s not the first question everyone asks us about our farm. It’s the second one. The first is, “What are you going to grow?”…

What comes around


Brad took me to Dew Point Farm last week to show off the fruits of his labor. They were strewn about our feet in…

Buying the Farm


If you read our post last month, buried somewhere beneath all the poetic waxing, you may have figured out that we purchased a piece…

Mr. Bojangles


It seemed a little bit like I’d become a sort of urban anthropologist, as I slowly worked to clear this little pocket of land….



Mistakes have been made. One time, we bought a marble sink but the cabinet didn’t fit in the bathroom. We were pulling it out…

The Dew Abides urban orchard

Bearing Fruit


Fruit in the first year wasn’t something we expected at the orchard, but juicy blueberries, blackberries and figs are already fighting for the birds’…