Over the Rhine Nowhere Else Fest with The Dew Abides

Wild Edges

Back in college, I had the great fortune to attend a seminar taught by Dr. Maya Angelou. On the first day, each of the twenty-five…

The Dew Abides at Springsteen

Push in the Stops

As of our April 1st payment, Operation Mortgage is one-third complete, and we’re surprised to find it’s changed the way we look at holidays and celebrations….

Dew Abides living on minimum wage

On the Money

We survived the first month on the new budget, but there were some surprising revelations. Withdrawal. And not the kind from an ATM. The first…

Farmers Market_Natalie Maynor


On this week’s On Being podcast, Brother David Steindl-Rast speaks about the importance of gratitude, and something he said stopped me in my tracks. He…

bald eagle sighting at The Dew Abides

The Call

I know, I know. This has nothing to do with homesteading. But our two eagles have returned for a second winter, hunting behind the…