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Project 258

Heretofore, the Dew Abiders thought we had the market cornered on making “simple living” as complicated as possible. Such as: “We could compost these…

The Dew Abides bookshelf


Observant folks may have noticed there’s a new tab atop The Dew’s home page, one marked “Bookshelf.” Because friends often ask us to recommend…

The Dew Abides book review of Trespassing Across America


“To get to the heart of America,” writes Ken Ilgunas, “we cannot simply walk its forests and fields; rather we must cut through its…

Inset fireplace bookshelf by The Dew Abides


The unused space inside our four fireplaces has driven us to a fiery rage for 12 years. Only, with no actual place to put that fire….

Moonshine book Colin Spoelman

Still the one

In one of the opening scenes of a documentary on moonshiner Popcorn Sutton, the scrawny old fella in overalls is scoping out creeks to…