Cake Is the Only Thing That Matters


The only irreconcilable difference between me and hubby is the amount of sugar we prefer in our diet. I’m not a huge fan of sweets, whereas he has a slightly different take on the subject.

But last summer we found an oh-so-tasty common ground. Our CSA farmers had beets coming out their ears; hence, so did we. Searching the interwebs for anything other than roasted beet salad, we came across something that sounded strangely appealing: dark chocolate beet cake.

Seriously? Beet cake?

Morbidly curious, I set out to make this puzzling concoction. It was, in a word, ridonkulous. Earthy, rich and chocolaty, with just the right amount of sweetness. Not to mention the color is gorgeous.

And as afflicted as I am with pen and scissors, even I managed to draw and cut this simple stencil out of a piece of sketch paper. So clearly anyone can. Just lay the cutout on top of the cake and sprinkle around it with powdered sugar. (Note: if you’re making this in advance for a dinner party, wait until the last moment to add the stenciled flourish. Otherwise, the moist cake will suck up some of the sugar, goofing up your presentation.)

All winter long, I fantasized about this thing like a cake zombie.Finally, after a week-and-a-half-long peachsplosion on the wee homestead, I got a chance to bake one this morning. It’s a testament to my love for Brad that I haven’t already devoured the entire thing.


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