Cage-free commandos

There are some things that should be behind bars. Like a bartender. And a bottle of Richland Rum. And a good gin. And some olives.

I digress.

What shouldn’t be behind bars are chickens.

So while we can’t officially endorse the snipping of chicken wire, we did appreciate the sight of these little Peeps taking matters into their own hands.

Happy Earth Day!

Let my Peep-le go

You might think rappelling is tough for critters that appear to have neither arms nor even wings, but don’t underestimate the stickiness of a Peep’s exposed white fluffy side.
What the cluck? It’s a cruel cage, for sure. The little chicks are trapped in the very deep frying basket that has made juicy tenders out of so many of their brethren.
Cage-free at last! Thanks to the ingenuity and teamwork of their hatch-ling mates, these Peeps will live to scratch and peck at the plastic green grass of another Easter basket.

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