Branching Out

Charlie Brown isn’t the only one this season filling overlooked greenery with holiday cheer.

While at the hardware store, my sister-in-law noticed a garbage bin full of trimmed Christmas tree branches, destined for the landfill. Here’s what happened next:

Christmas tree text
Next thing you know, Bridgette had a tree festive enough to make Snoopy dance with joy.

foraged Christmas tree
So when Brad and I saw a similar bin of branches at the Lowe’s Depot, we couldn’t resist asking for a few, which the clerk was only too happy to give.

We didn’t need a tree, but visions of wreaths and garland were dancing in our heads.

Down from the attic came a couple of grapevine wreaths, into which I stuffed snipped bits of fir. The rest was tucked into every open space on the fireplace mantles. Nothing fancy, but fifteen minutes of work and the house smells like a winter wonderland.

No doubt about it now, Christmastime is here.

Wreathmaking by The Dew Abides

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