Bowling for soup

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My old running buddy Vicki once told me that she thought it would be cool to do away with her set of dinner plates and replace them with a variety of unmatched things.

I was thinking, “How punk rock.” And I remember one Christmas, trying to do something a little unusual for her, I bought a random assortment of plates and put them in a box for her. I thought it would be this awesome grab-bag of cool plates. Except I got them at a discount store. I don’t remember what a single one of them looks like. That’s how special they were.

I also don’t remember her reaction. Probably puzzlement. And god I hope she sent those plates straight on to the Goodwill without the first pang of guilt.

Now that I’m less of an idiot, I realize she was thinking less punk rock than art house. And Jenn and I have begun doing the same thing with our bowls, thanks to the annual Empty Bowl pottery sale locally. It’s a annual fundraiser for the Feeding the Valley food bank’s Kids Cafe program. Regular readers know that feeding the working poor has been on our minds a lot lately, and it seemed fitting that as we stomach-growled our way through the food stamp diet, we often ate from bowls we got at the event last year.

How does Empty Bowl work? Well, you pay your 10 bucks, select your artist-made soup bowl from a massive collection donated for the event, fill it with your choice of about a dozen soups, grab you some bread and fixin’s, some tea and chow down. The event is held early March every year, so Columbusites, mark your calendar now for 2015. Jenn and I got there late this year and maybe the best bowls were gone, but we found a few small ones that are still special.

Our collection stands at six right now, and I’m not giving these away to anyone. (Sorry, Vic.)

And after next year, I’m going to start lobbying organizers to plan an Empty Plate benefit as well.

Not a fan of the band Bowling for Soup, so here’s this instead:

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