Bike thieves, beware: part deux

The weekend was entirely too productive, and now our 40-year-old backs are paying for it. But I’ll chase that Tylenol with a smile (and possibly a SweetWater) while thinking about all that was accomplished. Hubby finished the worktable and bike rack, and I dug up the side yard to plant a bed of Jerusalem artichokes.

Our bike rack, in particular, turned out better than expected. We were sweating its placement because the permeable pavers don’t allow much room for adjustment. But luck was on our side, and the gate posts fell perfectly within existing holes.

Brad used the new angle grinder (or as I like to call it, Sparky) to chop off extra metal from the bottom. Then it was just a matter of digging out several inches of dirt, pounding the posts down, and cementing them in place. After 24 hours of drying time, we were in business.

Needless to say, our scooters will henceforth be chained to this lovely salvaged rack using industrial-sized locks. So stay away, thievish punks, or I might have to implement Plan B.

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