Attack of the Killer Weedwacker

The black-eyed susans never saw it coming.

(I must preface this story by saying it was ultimately my fault.)

The city owns the sloped, eroding bank in front of our house, and it’s always been my intention to stabilize it with native vegetation. So last year, I planted tiny black-eyed susan seedlings along the stairs and padded them with pine straw, so the city landscape crews would be able to identify boundaries of the flower garden.

Those tiny seedlings have been growing like gangbusters for the last few weeks, thanks to warm days and abundant spring rain. Unfortunately, so have the weeds.

Enter the killer weedwacker.

Landscape crews came through the neighborhood on Friday to take care of those overgrown nasties. Last year’s pine straw had completely broken down, so there was nothing separating the flowers from their evil cousins. It’s not surprising, then, that one of the overzealous city workers mowed down my babies on one side of the stairs.

Halfway through, the worker must have realized his mistake because the flowers on the other side are unscathed. Which is making me crazy, since I’m one step away from Monk and can’t stand asymmetry.

Black-eyed susans are pretty sturdy though, and I have high hopes that they’ll spring back. Eventually. But bet your bottom dollar, next time I won’t forget the pine straw.

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