… and Little Lambs Eat Ivy

Brads eat oats and Jenns eat oats…

I thought I’d add my two cents on the oats Jenn mentioned in her recent post.

First of all, a big caution: Do NOT try to run your rolled oats through the fancy electric mill to make oat flour if you make that cracker recipe. The oats aren’t heavy enough to drop through the mill. They get all caught up in the blades, apparently, and can actually lead to burning out the motor. Instead, just throw the oats in a food processor and whiz it about for a minute and you’re good to go.

I did the crackers straight off the recipe, with cinnamon. They’re good. I think I’d like them better savory, so I might ditch the sweet spice and throw in some parmesan instead next time. (Everything’s better with cheese, right?) Roll the dough as thin as you can — even thinner than 1/8-inch, I think. I had to cook it a good deal longer than they suggested, and I think this is why. The crackers get a little hard after a day or two, which we actually like, but they’d be easier to eat if they’re thinner.

The baked oatmeal? I wouldn’t change a thing. It’s super yums, and somewhere between a hot granola cereal and a custard. Warm a little milk and pour that over it and you’re golden. I’m making it a second time for a team breakfast at work, and I’m expecting the coworkers to rave on it.

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