Age and how to dill with it

I’m to the age where I’m happier to let a birthday slide by quietly than to walk into a big surprise party. It’s not just about age. It’s also about not liking the spotlight and age.

But my sister sent me a birthday card with a surprise tucked in that truly made my day: A little Ziploc baggie with dill seeds from her garden.

Jenn’s never been a huge fan of dill pickles. Which works out great for me, since I love ’em. When we’re at, say, Mama Goldberg’s, she’ll slide hers straight over to my plate. That said, we’ve found plenty of use for dill when we’ve gotten it from our CSA grocery pickup — just this week in a batch of egg salad, in fact.

Now we just need to get these little babies in the ground so we can get to the good part. Mother Nature Network blogger Robin Shreeves posts these five great recipes for fresh dill, including a tomato, spinach and dill quiche with a shredded potato crust and a feta-and-dill Greek omelet.

My sister also points out that the plants themselves are good for beneficial insects, which is to say the ones what eat the pests you don’t want.

Thank you, Bridgette!

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