After the storm

You might have seen news about the massive storm system that ripped through the South yesterday. Thankfully no tornadoes touched down in our neck of the woods, but we did have winds gusting as high as 45 mph, and 1.5 inches of rain fell in just a few hours. Knowing the risk of saturation (and eventual rotting) was high for the containerized garlic, I threw together a makeshift fort using a tarp and bungees.

Better to endure a vicious attack by a rogue table 
than drown in a torrential downpour.

All things considered, it rode out the storm¹ pretty well. The fort didn’t tump, as our good friend Meg would say, until the rain had passed and that crazy wind picked up in the middle of the night. Several plants were yellow this morning, but they’ve already dried out and turned green again. Disaster averted.

The wee homestead was without power for several hours, so it was a good time to assess emergency supplies. Overall, we were in good shape and readily had access to…

  • Candles 
  • Matches
  • Glass oil lamps and lamp oil
  • LED headlamps (handy for reading)
  • Extra blankets
  • Wind-up emergency radio
  • Water purification drops (a camping staple)
  • Canned goods and snacks
  • Gas stove in the kitchen that can be lit manually²

But it was clear that a few things were lacking, should something like an ice storm hit — as it does once in a blue moon — and we have to go without power for several days.

  • A wood stove would certainly make winter power outages bearable.
  • Stovetop cooking is easy enough, but we need to practice igniting the oven’s pilot light.
  • Canning a wider variety of veggies would make for more interesting fridge-free meals. But preserving low-acid foods like beans requires a pressure canner, something that’s on my list for our next Pact Free shopping spree in May.³
What emergency storm supplies have saved the day in your house?

Brad’s footnotes
¹ Jenn criminally missed an opportunity to link to this right here.
² To keep it real: We also had access to Momma Goldberg’s Deli, which is where I picked up dinner since we couldn’t cook in the oven. We’d never tried lighting our electric-ignition gas stove without power before, so this was a good lesson. 
³ Also, a copy of Momma Goldberg’s menu. I had to make a spot decision on what soup to get Jenn. It was horrible.

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