The Dew Abides manifesto

On Jan. 1, 2007, Brad and I made a New Year’s resolution that would change our lives. We decided to see how hard it would be to remove ourselves from the consumer rat-race by not buying any new non-consumables for an entire year. Turns out it was easy. Surprisingly easy.

When that year was up, we quickly realized we didn’t want to go back to our old way of life. So we decided to continue The Pact, as we called it, with breaks in May and November to pick up the things we truly needed. As strange as it sounds, instead of feeling denied, we felt freed. No more wasting time looking at catalogs and ads. No running into Target for “just one thing” and coming out with a huge bag of stuff, wondering how we spent $50. We had more time, more money, and more peace of mind.

It wasn’t long before we began searching for other ways we could tread lightly but happily on the Earth. Being a couple of foodies, we looked for fresh, local produce and found a CSA that far outshone anything we could buy in a grocery store. Recycling became a game, with the winner generating zero trash. Before long, we were growing our own vegetables and canning produce for the winter. All the while, our life was more satisfying, and our financial independence was becoming more certain.

Fast forward to 2012. We recently bought a quarter-acre vacant lot that we’re planning to turn into an organic fruit orchard. And we’re slowly but surely turning our little historic home into an urban homestead.

The thing is, we’re not a couple of patchouli-smelling fanatics chaining ourselves to trees. We’re just two educated, creative folks who want to keep the overhead low and use our resources on things that really matter—and help the environment in the process.

And that’s where The Dew Abides comes in. Hopefully it will become a community where we can help each other live happier, simpler lives and serve as a space for open, honest discussion about the successes and failures of living a deliberate life, as Henry David would say.

We’ll cover a range of topics including gardening, cooking, livestock tending (just you wait, hubby, the bees and goats are coming), water conservation, sustainable home renovation, and most importantly, living the good life with family and friends. So stop by often, and please comment, share, and offer suggestions for future posts.

Now let’s get our hands dirty and have some fun.

Who we are:

Dirty hippy Jenn


          • Environmental scientist
          • Dirt goddess
          • Bee whisperer



bad hammer


          • Upcycler of construction pallets
          • Scooter aficionado
          • Writer