A welcome home

We’ve been out of town for a couple of weeks — more on that soon — and as wonderful a time as folks have doing things while traveling, vacationing, etc., we all know the welcome feel of home sheets.

A bed that doesn’t ache your back for lack of adaptation. Light switches where they should be. Curtains closed so I can walk around wearing less than even the missus may be comfortable with.

In addition to all that, we came home to two nice surprises.

One, my third scooter the scooter that I. Seriously. Absolutely. Don’t. Have. survived an attempted theft. You can read about the cage I built to protect this non-existent scooter, but the cage never even got tested, as the bespawling dewbeater never got through my Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit lock wrapped around said imaginary scooter. Product placement totally earned, so I’m not apologizing. The ne’er-do-well’s bolt cutters barely scratched the lock surface to make a 1 mm indentation on one side of a thick, hexagonal link.


kryptonite locks are the shit

And second, the yard-long beans that we neglected for lack of interest (theirs, not ours) came to fruition while we were gone, punching out enough lovely green beans to make a fresh meal, just as we were bemoaning the fridge we’d emptied of perishables before leaving town.

nom nom nom yardlong beans

Well, there’s a pot of water that needs boiling, so I’m not going to linger today. Talk to y’all soon. Until then, remember I’ll be stuck with this crappy earworm. And now, you will too:


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