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While everyone's stuck in, we thought we'd just share a small collection of photos from around the happy hermitage that is our home. Fruit trees and bushes in bloom, flowers popping out for a quick visit, or other promises of wonderful things to come.

While we’re quarantined, we’re grateful that we can toil during the day to get Dew Point Farm ready for its first-ever season, this summer. We spend nights scrolling through podcast feeds to find something to relax to that, oh god, doesn’t have anything to do with COVID-19.

In that spirit, we thought we’d just share a small collection of photos for you to enjoy.

(Great progress on the farm. Update soon.)

An Asian persimmon tree, not even 5 feet tall, is already bursting with a dozen flowers that will be fall treats.
Eight frontyard blueberry bushes are full of fruit that are just starting to, um, bluen. (Hey, if redden is a word, why can’t bluen be one too?)
Grapevines going crazy on the shade side trellis — we call it the Jenn-yard, a project we envisioned here. We honestly weren’t expecting to get any fruit, but…
Surprise! The vines are covered in tiny grape flowers. We may actually get a harvest of black spanish grapes in this third year.
A dogwood, wishing everyone happy Easter, happy equinox, or just happy spring.
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