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Storing sweet potatoes

Reminiscing about growing up on the farm, Mom and Dad both remember depending on sweet potatoes to get them through the winter. They didn’t have a fancy climate-controlled cellar. Just dug a hole in the hard clay soil and placed the roots in hay-lined rows. Whenever it was time for dinner, one of the kids would dig out enough potatoes for the family’s meal.

I’m a little wary of that technique in our tiny yard, particularly given the digging capabilities of Seamus the Wonder Dog. But thanks to our friend Lisa’s abundant crop, we’ve now got a table full of taters that need a home for the next few months. What can we do?

The thermostat in our home generally hovers around 64°F this time of year, only slightly more than the recommended storing temperature of 60°F. So I think the veg can live in a sealed-off guest room, as long as there’s plenty of aeration. Milk crates should do the job nicely.

We’ll report back later this winter and let you know if storing root veggies is as easy as it sounds. Or if they turn into horrible, sprouting monsters.

Lisa also hooked us up with a ton of basil, and now we’ve got a year’s worth of pesto cubes lurking in the freezer. Our pasta will taste even better knowing the sauce came from a generous friend.

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