A small gift that mint a lot

mint gift
A small token can be good for “mint-al” health.

It doesn’t take much to make a person’s day.

I’m partial to someone buying me a shot of single-malt whiskey. But I’ve discovered a wee jar of mints is a pretty awesome gift, too.

When neighbors moved in across the street from us, they meekly asked to borrow a broom. We knew the house they were moving into was a wreck, so we didn’t sweat it when we didn’t see the broom come back for several days. Frankly, I was surprised the straw wasn’t consumed by some cosmic gunk left in the house by the prior tenant.

We chatted with the new peeps for a bit. We gave them advice on bicycle routes to work, ways to have fun on the river with their daughters, that sort of thing. Nothing out of the ordinary, really, and certainly nothing deserving of a thank-you present.

Which is exactly what made this little mason jar — reusable! — of mints on our doorstep — complete with a handwritten note under the canning ring! — so special. I know it sounds schmaltzy to wax poetic about this, and I’m fully cognizant that not everyone is grateful, or even gracious, when he or she receives a present. But c’mon, there was even a pun in the note.

We’re gonna get along just fine with these folks.

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