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Peach jelly

I know, I know, enough with the peaches already. But, dangit, these things are like tribbles. Every time it looks like they’re gone for good, another cache rears its fuzzy little head.

After peeling and de-pitting the fifty pounds we brought home last week, two quarts of pure peach juice were left behind in the pot. There was no way that nectar of the gods was going down the drain, so into a pitcher it went until I could figure out an appropriate use.

Browsing the interwebs, I came across this recipe for peach jelly from the Ball canning supply company. Two batches were a snap since the juice was already prepared, so now we have a bonus eighteen half-pints of jelly — Brad’s already dreaming about turning it into filling for homemade pop tarts.

Believe it or not, after all that, a quart of juice still remained. (See? Like tribbles, I tell you.) So I took blog reader and friend Vic’s advice, filling four ice cube trays with the rest. The cubes will be a delicious addition to iced tea and smoothies. Thanks, Vic!

Peach cubes

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