June, 2015

Inset fireplace bookshelf by The Dew Abides


The unused space inside our four fireplaces has driven us to a fiery rage for 12 years. Only, with no actual place to put that fire….


No Scrubs

Am I the only person who didn’t know loofahs are cucumbers? It’s true. Not only are the young fruits edible, but these fibrous sponges are versatile,…

Steel vs. Steal

For no particular reason, I wanted to make the small, 6-by-9-foot bay in our carport a little more impregnable. Again, I’m not saying that I…

Memento from the Great Purge, The Dew Abides

The Great Purge

It started with a trip to The Netherlands, gained momentum after reading Root Simple’s “Everything Must Go” posts, and reached a crescendo with Brad’s…