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Sow and Behold

“It’s like you’ve been magically transported back to 1995.” So my sister says, after my new job at Jenny Jack Farm began back in March. Three days a week, I’m in the field or greenhouse, with intermittent phone coverage and no internet access. And the last thing I want to do in the evening is clear spam out of the inbox, which means I typically log on only two days a week.

Pea Shell, My Belle

I’ve repaired Adirondack chairs that were rotting and turned shipping pallets into adorable porch swings. But for my money (or lack thereof), peapod wine is the ultimate trash-to-treasure. We literally are turning shells that were bound to be thrown in with hog slop into quite drinkable table wine.

North Highland Farmers Market and The Dew Abides

Fair Market Value

Food can bring us together. This much I know. But in our neighborhood and many others like it, there’s an inexcusable divide that needs…

hardwood floor repair

Knock on Wood

Opening a can of hearth-be-gone in this room. If there were any questions about my latent adolescence, they’ve been pounded away with the mallet…